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Ginger Route

The Ginger Route, andour MTB future…

Newfoundland and Labrador has been advertised provincially as an exotic far off place that the outdoor enthusiast dreams of visiting. We have the ideal terrain for mountain biking, naturally formed over thousands of years, and for the past few seasons we have been working hard to create a world class destination for mountain bikers within Corner Brook—one that we hope will rival and perhaps even surpass the 7 stains in Scotland, the sunshine coast of BC or Moab, Utah. The master plan is for 50km of singletrack trail within the Humber Valley and West Coast of NL. That will compete with these mountain bike destinations and build on what Newfoundland already offers. This project will ultimately create a week long destination that allows a flourishing local MTB community to grow, and attract more national & international riders to come and enjoy what NL has to offer.

Local riders will have real trails to ride and to bring their kids on. This will create a healthy local community in Corner Brook but also draw people from other parts of the province– especially the booming metropolis of St Johns. Like other major city centers people want other places to visit, and the convenience of being able to drive back & forth from comfortable accommodations with your bike is a very attractive draw. Feeling a little more rugged? The Gros Morne trails will fit that bill.

The goal of this community project is to get involved citizens outside and active. We have a dedicated group of volunteers that have spent countless hours working towards the goal of a sustainable trail, hoping to make Corner Brook a healthier and happier place to live. The idea of a community project built by the community really applies to this endeavour; we are constructing it, using it and maintaining it and that sense of pride and ownership will make sure that the trail survives for a long time.

The ginger route trail is just the start of a network and will be the most utilized due to its centralized location. It can be a commuter trail for Massey Drive locals headed to Corner Brook and will vice-verse. The Ginger Route will also take cycling traffic away from West Valley road and allow the trail network to be accessed from Margret Bowater’s park.

The Ginger Route isJust the beginning

The amount of time it takes to build a trail of this quality is enormous. On average a volunteer builder will contribute 1-3m of trail per hr. to make the 55,000m of trail is a huge task, but with community support of both volunteer hours and fund raising we can get the trail completed and utilized sooner than later.

On a larger scale, the tourism product in Newfoundland has grown in the last decade and the tourism board of Newfoundland is projecting 1.6 billion by 2020. This trail network will play a part in obtaining that goal, with the Humber Valley and Gros Morne trail areas being so close to the airport and communities. This strategy has already benefited the winter destination of Marble Mountain & various other tourism groups, and we’re confident that this system will become an integral part of the spring, summer & fall tourism growth.

It’s an incredibly exciting project and we’re indebted to the IMBA Canada as well as our many volunteers throughout the years. We invite you to join this project throughout the Spring/ Summer/ Fall and contribute some sweat equity and help us reach our total goal that you and yours will be able to enjoy for years to come!

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